Congratulations to all our club mates who competed in London this weekend! As usual, it was an enjoyable competition put on by Grappling Industries.

Again, Axis did well and maintains its impressive strike rate of medals in both gi and no-gi competition.

  • Allie – Gold (Gi) and Silver (No Gi)
  • Arthur – Gold (Gi) and Silver (No Gi)
  • Silvio – Silver (Gi) and Gold (No Gi)
  • Anees – Silver (Gi)
  • Joe – Silver (Gi)

Well done everyone!

If you’re interested in training jiu jitsu (competing is optional), check out our classes. We’re an affordable, down-to-earth, friendly club teaching high-level jiu jitsu without pretension or cliquiness. Everyone’s welcome and beginners are well looked after!