Welcome To Axis BJJ Academy

High-level jiu jitsu training in Milton and Cambridge

Learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with Axis

At Axis, our goal is to help you become the best BJJ practitioner you can be. We are committed to teaching high-level jiu jitsu to develop skilful, legitimate jiu jitsu players. Whether you’re experienced or totally new to the mats, our instructors, friendly atmosphere, and extensive schedule are here to help you develop your skills. Why not join us for a trial class?

Why train with Axis?

High-level tuition

We pride ourselves on maintaining high standards of jiu jitsu. Technique, ability, attention to detail, mat time and resilience are what sets us apart.


Affordable rates

We offer the best-value tuition in the area. We want to make BJJ as affordable as possible. No other gym offers the amount of tuition as Axis at our prices.

Friendly and welcoming

Axis is an inclusive and diverse gym. Everyone is welcome. We do not tolerate “gym bullies” and everyone is here to help each other succeed.

Try a FREE trial class

If you’re a beginner, we recommend attending one of our Beginner classes (Mon, Wed, Sat at Milton or Mon, Thu at Cambridge). If you have experience, feel free to attend any of the classes. Check out our timetable for more information.