Frequently asked questions

What age are your Kids classes (Mon and Thu)?

Our kids classes are for ages 7-12. Older children may find our adult beginner classes more suitable.

Am I too old to start training?

No. We have several students who did not start training until they were in their 40s and are now higher belts. What’s most important is a desire to learn and a positive attitude.

I'm not in shape. Can I still train BJJ?

That’s what training is for! You’ll be surprised at how quickly you can get into shape when you start BJJ. When you start, just go at whatever pace you’re able to. If you need to sit out, that’s not a problem. You’ll find your endurance, strength and weight quickly improving, even if you only train twice a week.

Waiting until you’re in better shape before starting jiu jitsu is like waiting until your stamina improves before you run a marathon. Just start training and take small steps to begin with.

How much does training cost?

We can discuss payment after your free trial. However, we are very competitively priced – much more so in some cases – and we also offer more classes every week.

Do you train gi or no-gi?

We train both gi and no-gi.

Who is the instructor at Axis?

Our head instructor is Phil Yeomans who has trained BJJ for around 20 years and has been a black belt for about 13 of those.

Phil spent many years living in Japan and training under his instructor Takamasa Watanabe (a Rickson Gracie black belt) at the Axis Jiu Jitsu headquarters in Tokyo.
Phil had an extensive record of competition whilst living in Japan:

2011 Rickson Gracie Cup Black Belt Weight Class: Gold

2010 Rickson Gracie Cup Black Belt Weight Class: Gold

2010 Rickson Gracie Cup Black Belt Open Weight: Gold

2009 Rickson Gracie Cup Brown Belt Weight Class : Gold

2009 Rickson Gracie Cup Brown Belt Open Weight : Gold

2008 Rickson Gracie Cup Weight Class : Gold

2008 Rickson Gracie Cup Open Weight Absolute : Bronze

2009 European Jiu Jitsu Championship Brown Belt Weight Class : Bronze

2009 Abu Dhabi Pro Asian Trials : Bronze

2008 All Japan Weight Class : Gold

2008 All Japan Absolute : Gold

2008 Japan Open Weight Class : Gold

2008 Japan Open Absolute : Gold

2008 East Japan Weight Class : Gold

2008 East Japan Absolute : Gold

2008 Copa Axis Weight Class : Gold

2008 Copa Axis Absolute : Gold

2008 FBT Thailand BJJ\Sub Grappling Open With Gi Weight Class : Gold

2008 FBT Thailand BJJ\Sub Grappling Open With Gi Absolute : Gold

2008 FBT Thailand BJJ\Sub Grappling Open Elite No-Gi Weight Class: Bronze

2008 FBT Thailand BJJ\Sub Grappling Open Elite No-Gi Absolute : Silver

Do I need to buy a uniform to start training?

If you don’t have a uniform (a “gi”), you can just wear loose clothing (t-shirt, shorts or tracksuit bottoms) that you don’t mind being potentially damaged. Please don’t wear anything with metal zips or buttons as these can scratch our mat.

Do you offer Private 1-to-1 lessons?

Yes! Please email for further details and to arrange a time/date. Let us know your level of experience and your training objective to help us put you with the right instructor for you.

Are there any rules I need to follow?

We’re a relaxed gym but we do have a few rules that students need to follow:

  1. Finger and toe nails must be kept short and clean for safety reasons.
  2. Shoes/sliders must be worn when you walk off the mat for hygiene reasons.
  3. Please ensure you and your clothes are clean and washed. No one likes training with a partner who smells. It’s embarrassing for both you and us if we have to address issues of hygiene.
  4. White/blue belts should not be teaching other students or telling their partner how to perform a technique. Ask the class instructor.
  5. Pay your mat/membership fees. Non-payers may be refused training.
  6. Be a positive influence on the club. Gym bullies and those with poor attitudes will not be with us for long.
  7. Basic manners are appreciated. Shake hands with the instructor and fellow members (if class has not yet started) when you walk onto the mat. Thanking instructors after class is appreciated. It creates a positive club atmosphere.